Parrot Ambassadors are valuable members of our community who
distinguished themselves for their knowledge of the
Parrot system and their attitude in spreading our project and our mission.

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  • Be a contributor of the Parrot Community
  • Believe in the software freedom as meant by the Free Software Foundation
  • Know how the Parrot system works and be able to help other Parrot users

  • Be a recognized member of the community
  • Be a point of reference for the rest of the community
  • Have full access to our resources
  • Be able to create and handle Parrot Communities
  • Use the Parrot logo and name in your talks and events
  • Represent the Parrot users who are in touch with you
  • And many other things

Parrot OS:

Security GNU/Linux distribution designed with cloud pentesting and IoT security in mind.

An operating system for security and digital forensics experts, but it also includes tools protect your privacy with anonymity and cryptography. It’s the ideal operating system for Security experts, Forensic Investigators, Pentesters and activists.

The purpose of the ambassador program is NOT to carry a fancy title. It’s a privilege for the few who have acquired the experience and skills to further develop and educate users with Security, Free and open source software.

Ambassadors are role models. Not just by their expertise, with their patience and diplomacy to help users get on the right track. To help users feel welcome to community. To grow the operating system and it’s features with the community in mind. To drive the community force with the operating systems growth.

As all experts, ambassadorship is a title given to the few. That status means they’re representing the Parrot OS community and operating system for others. As such they must full fill certain requirements before being accepted as an ambassador.

A Parrot Ambassador is not a permanent title, and the role is valid for one year, after that, the ambassadors must be reconfirmed by a member of the core team according to how the ambassador worked during the previous years.

If you feel you qualify, please review the list of requirements below and submit a request to the team and one of us will get back to you.

* Fluent in English

* Friendly

* Adapt to situation

* Patience to deal with new users

* Experience with Linux internals

* Familiar with some level of coding and scripting

* Quick learning curve

* Able to assist users/developers/testers

* Time to contribute to the community

* Self motivated to learn and teach

* Basic Linux security procedures

* We don’t break the law nor do we condone others doing it

* Our community is our core, Our aim is always to welcome new users and current users to feel more encouraged to use the operating system

1) Join our community
Subscribe to our Community Forum and social groups and pages,
all the links are available here.

2) Express your interest and intentions Contact the Parrot developers through the Ambassadors Board
and express your interest in being an ambassador, the Parrot developers
and the other ambassadors will ask you some additional questions,
verify your skills and intentions and officially add you in our Ambassadors list.