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What version to choose

Parrot comes in a lot of shapes and sizes in order to fit in all the possible hardware and users needs.

Depending on what hardware configuration and scope you have, consider these options:

Parrot 3.x Full Edition (x86 and x86_64) :

As the name suggests, this is the full edition. After the installation you have a complete out of the box pentesting workstation loaded with a big variety of tools ready to use. Highly reccomended for Desktops and Laptops with at least 4GB of RAM, in order to have a smooth experience while multitasking.

Parrot 3.x Lite Edition (x86 and x86_64) :

This version of Parrot is aimed for a lightweight installation which provides the essential tools to start working. It relays on the same repositories as the Full Edition, letting you choose most of the programs you want to install later on. Reccomended for those users who are familiar with Pentesting Distros and need to create a minimal one.

Parrot 3.x Cloud Edition (x86 and x86_64) :

Forget all you know about pentesting circumstances, carrying a laptop everywhere you go to accomplish your job is not mandatory anymore. You can now have a remote VPS loaded with ParrotOS ready to perform all sort of tasks from an embedded terminal, with discretion. This edition does not provide a GUI out of the box, but it's available in the repositories if needed. There are two options: Download the iso and installing it on your own machine; or Rent a ready to use VPS with Parrot Cloud installed. More about specs and price list here.

Parrot 3.x Embedded and IoT Edition (ARM) :

A lightwieght Parrot release for embedded systems, aimed for simplicity and portability. Supported hardware brands are Raspberry Pi and Cubieboard.

Parrot 3.x Libre Edition aka Iris Gnu/Linux (x86 and x86_64):

A fully Free Software and Opensource project born from Parrot Security os, aimed for people who put privacy and freedom of computing above everithing else.

Parrot LXDE Edition (x86):

As the name suggests, this particular version was born for all those people who want a fully working Parrot enviornment running on old hardware. No eccesive graphics power required, reccomended for really old computers like Dell Latitude (x86 arch, 256Mb RAM).

Parrot 3.x Studio Edition (x86_64) :

Designed for students, producers, video editing and all related professional multi-media creation. This edition's goals are to provide a reliable workstation for a multi purpose computing.

Parrot Netinstall (x86 and x86_64) :

A Parrot Security os netinstaller has been created for all of you who don't have enough space on their usb drives to write the full or light ISO. A graphical installer is available as well. Fast download garanteed since Frozenbox has a lot of people hosting mirros all over the globe.

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